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DIY - Crepe Paper Flower for Room Decoration

DIY - Crepe Paper Flower for Room Decoration

Yeei another DIY! This time I choose to make something for room decoration. I have planned to make this for so long. Fiuh, finally made it. I'm so happy yeei. This idea was inspired by a wall decor at one Forever 21 in my city. I think they use artificial pink rose, it's so beautiful.

I want to use dark pink crepe paper, but I have searched it everywhere I know that may sell it. Can't found it. *Hiks*. No worries, I found a beautiful light purple crepe paper. It must be complimenting my room wall color. Perfect. Now, let's grab the supplies and start the mess!

- Crepe paper
- Silver wrapping paper
- Scissors
- Staple
- Glue Gun
- Cardboard paper, or any thick sturdy paper (I use old calendar paper).
- Paper glue
- Mounting tape

I forgot to include the bottom two into the photo ><

1. Cut a square from the crepe paper. Aprox. 4x4 inches. Cut many, until you run out of crepe paper ;). The trick to do faster is to stack the crepe paper, fold it and then cut.
2. Then, grab 5 pieces of the square and stack them.
3. Fold them in half.
4. Cut a half flower shape.
5. Undo the fold and staple in the middle. I staple it twice.
6. Next, grab the topmost piece, and pinch it until it looks like a flower petal. Do this for all of the pieces, one by one.
7. It should looks like in the last picture above. Make many. I made 36 of these plus some in smaller size.

8. Now, move into the lettering part. Draw your letters in your thick paper for any phrase that you want.
9. Cut them.
10. After that, glue the front of the letters to the back of silver paper. So, it looks inverted. The idea is to cover the front of the letters with silver paper.
11. Cut it again, and you can see that the letters now are silver.

12. We're not done yet. Now, position your paper flowers above a cardboard or thick paper. Position the letters too, just so you know where the edge is.
13. Glue every flowers to the cardboard paper. Don't glue the letters, now. We'll do it later.
14. After you glue all the flowers, you will see a gap among flowers. Cover it with smaller flower. But, If you run out of paper, just pinch the leftover papers to make something that kind of looks like petals. Yeah, I know it's not. (Nobody will know).
15. Then fill in any gap until it's all covered. You should see something like in the above picture.
16. Then, glue the letters above the flowers. Press it, do not worry about the flowers. They still look good. Just don't press to hard.
17. Lastly, cut the excess cardboard paper.

And you're done! Yeeei! *Dance*.

DIY - Crepe Paper Flower for Room Decoration

You can place it on the wall by mount it with a mounting tape. Or make a strap and then hang it on the nail.

DIY - Crepe Paper Flower for Room Decoration

Now, you can relax and enjoy your wall!

Wait a minute...

Look around. You're not done with the mess. Scrap papers everywhere. Haha. You should clean it first.

Now, you can relax and enjoy your wall!

Well, I love how it turned out. I wish I can made it bigger. Not enough crepe paper. But, it still lovely! I think it is also great for valentine decor if you want. Even though, I'm not a valentine person.

So, we made it until the end, and I want to ask you the same question in post after post. Haha. What do you think about this DIY? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section. I love love love reading your comments. Thank you for stopping by, better if you read it. Hehe. I will see you in the next post!




  1. OMG BONCCH (my comments always start with those 2 exclamation words haha) That's so cute! You used purple because it's my favorite color, right? You're so thoughtful, Boncch! ヽ(゜▽゜ )*forceful* Anyway, this DIY looks simpler than your usual ones, so I think I can actually make this one! (like always (ノ゚Д゚)/ )

    Boncch, I thought you hate Tigger, but how come you have 2 Tiggers in your bedroom? Whoever gave you one must be one stupid person!

    1. Thank you, Raf!
      No, it's not. I just want to use that color. Hohoho! Like always -__-. You should make it, Raf! Make it! *forcing too*

      Actually, I don't hate him anymore. Because he (or they, there are two Tiggers) is always smiling at me, even when I punch it. So, I can't hate. But still, he is my least favorite character in Winnie The Pooh. You know you gave me one hahaha. The other one is from... I let you guess ;)

  2. It was my pleasure to reading your blog "Crepe Paper Flower for Room Decoration" so thanks for this amazing posting. I will again visit your blog.

  3. That's really cool looking. I really want to try making one for my room.

    1. Thank you, Alyss! You have a nice blog there :D


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