Thursday, January 16, 2014

DIY - Half Lace Sleeve Shirt (Button Up Shirt Refashion)

Hooraaay another DIY!! This orange button up shirt that I have has some holes on the right sleeve. I don't know how the holes was there. My friend saw it first and then told me. *Gasp* I was still in campus and still had some classes to call it done. So, I just cover it with my hair hahaha. But it wasn't that easy. I guess the holes came from my backpack (What?). Sorry my backpack. It's only an assumption, after all.

That is too bad. Because I like wearing shirt in campus. I can't let this shirt goes to another journey. I have to fix it! Yeah! Sadly, mend it only seems not a good way. You can see that I mend it, obviously. Luckily, japan fashion trends always give me many cute ideas. Now, with lace yeeei! I have been obsessed with lace. (I know, I'm obsessed with so many things, don't judge me). You can use this idea to refashion your button up shirt too! Let's see what I did with this shirt.

- Button up shirt
- Lace
- Needle and matching thread
- Scissors
- Sewing pins
- Fabric glue (optional)

- On the first picture, I just want to show you the holes hahahaha.
- First step, mend the holes with a basic whip stitch. I did this just to close the holes. The stitch doesn't have to be neat, it will be covered with lace anyway.
- Then grab the sleeve part. Fold it so the middle is straight with the shoulder line. Place the lace on top of the sleeve.
- Cut the unnecessary lace on the shoulder part and the wrist part, but give some centimeters for seam allowance. If you want a raw edge of lace, you don't need seam allowance.
- Fold the seam allowance to the inside, and pin it. Then, I use a little bit of fabric glue to hold the lace in place, especially the middle part. If you don't have a fabric glue, use more sewing pins. After that, sew all along the edge. Hand sew it. You can't use a sewing machine for this.
- Finally, sew laces too on the corner of your shirt collar.

Note: Sew the lace on the sleeve is not easy. I had to make sure that the sleeve fabric didn't stitched to each other. Is it make sense? I don't know how to describe it. I felt pain when I sewed it. But it is WORTH IT! If you want it, try it :)

Taa-daa! I really, really, really, love it! Haha. You can style it with a ribbon to make a bow. Isn't it so cute?
I'm freaking love it. (Excuse the selfie). How about you? Do you like this project? Don't hesitate to leave me a comment on the box bellow. Thank you so much for reading this random blog. I hope you get inspired by this blog. I will see you on the next post!




  1. ZOMG BONCCH! That shirt is so **********ing adorable!! (I dunno why I censored myself)

    If only there's a "before" picture so I can compare it to the previous shirt! Nonetheless, it looks so classic and sweet! Also, you look really awesome in a braid! Not as awesome as me though, but still... ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

    1. Thanks, Raf!

      The previous shirt is just a plain orange button up shirt. Can you imagine it, Raf? But, I will put a before picture for the next refashion. Thanks for the suggestion!
      Hahahahahaha.. okay... you are the most awesome -__-


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