Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bye Bye 2013, Holla 2014!

I'm baaaaaaack!! It's great to see you all again. Yeah you. I can see you!

I apologize for being hibernated from this blog. College life has taken me into its lair. My brain had to work with it for several months. It's crazy. Overly crazy.

But, there were times in college that made me smile and so happy. I think my friends are the best gift in this year, especially this semester. They made me strong and knew that I'm not alone. I think our bonds became stronger. Now, I realize that I should cherish them. I used to hate my college. But now, I realize that I should enjoy my college life no matter what. I learned so many things, not just academic, but life lessons too.

And here... I finally have my holiday! Wooooh yeay! Oh it taste so good. I can roll and roll again on my bed.


Oh yeah, of course I will do diys for you! I miss it so much. I can't wait to do it and share it with you.

For 2014, I hope I can be more mature than now. From the inside, not the outside. Hihi X).

So, let's celebrate and be grateful for this year (no matter what)! Don't forget to pray for 2014 too!
Imagine your best day for the future!

Let's do some fun!

Happy new year everybody!

Extra peace and cheese,



  1. Happy new year!
    Waiting for the DIY's :3

    1. Happy new year, hardpliers! Yeay DIYs coming soon! XD

  2. Hooray! Happy (almost) new year, Boncch!

    It's great to know that you've finally enjoyed your college life! Friends sure are wonderful! (I'm the wonderfulest!)
    I find it unfair that you're already having your long holiday! I won't be having my long holiday till next year! NO! Oh well...

    Now, give me more DIY's. MORE! >:O

    1. Hooray, Ruf!

      Yes you're still the wonderfulest, Ruf!
      What?!! You won't have long holiday until next year?! NOOOO! You lied to me.

      Relax raf relax. Well, you have to wait here for everyday. EVERYDAY. Haha. I'm just kidding. I'm a human (so?).


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