Sunday, July 21, 2013

DIY - Jewelry Holder from Junks

I'm baaaack. Hosh hosh. I couldn't experiment this thing because I was run out of glueee! Can you imagine it? No glue! Glue gun and all purpose glue is my everything for non sewing project. Ohhh and I finally bought them.

This project is a request from my best friend Raffee. She wanted me to make a holder. Although what kind of holder is still mysterious for me. She only said a holder for little things. Oh yes, she mentioned about setip, which I didn't know what is it until she told me that is an eraser haha. Why doesn't she put her erasers on a pencil case? Well, she was just kidding haha, I don't know. Maybe she didn't.

I came up with an idea to make a jewelry holder that looks like a tree, and I really wanted this project to be a recycling project. So, let's start the experiment!

1. Cover the can with fabric or wrapping paper. Don't forget to ask a help from Mr. Glue.
2, 3. Cut felt or any thick fabric like in the pictures. These are for cover the inside of the can.
4. With a help from Mr. Glue, cover the inside of the can with number 2 and 3. 

1. Glue the tip of markers each others to make a long stem likes a pipe.
2. Just to make sure it's secure, I also use tape.
3. Roll the stem into a fabric to cover it, preferably a semi-thick fabric like felt. Don't forget Mr. Glue!
4. It will looks like the number 4 picture.

For the branches, I use smaller markers than the stem one.
1. Cut some small circles from a piece of cardboard.
2. Glue the circles to all the tips of markers. This will make the jewelries don't fall from the tip.
3. I spray painted these branches, but you can use whatever method to decorate it.

It's time for planting!
1. I glued the stem to the base of the can, but it didn't work. Look at it, it didn't want to stand. Maybe because I covered the tip to, so it was only the fabric that was stuck. The solution is...
2. Throw beads into the can evenly. It will stand!
3. Next, attach the branches one by one.
4. Attach the branches with different direction (picture 4).

1. I make some pocket in the can, so I can put something to it. Haha just having fun. Cut a long rectangle, don't worry if it's not long enough, you can add it later. For the height, I use less than 2/3 with the height of the can. Glue a line vertically on the fabric, and stick it to the can. Then I insert something (ex. pencil) that I want to put on for the pocket, just for measuring. Glue a line again beside the pencil. Make sure it's not really tight for the pencil. Do this until you are satisfied with the number of pockets.
2. Next, glue the bottom of the fabric to close the pocket. You don't want the stuff that you put on the pocket fall, right?
3. I use the can lid for ring holder. I covered the lid with fabric.
4. Then I glue it to the peak of the this "plant".

And... that's it! Now I have jewelry holder that looks like a tree! (Not really) :P

Yeah I know, I don't have many jewelries. Because I don't like to spend my money to buy it.
But I really love to make it. Actually I really love jewelry, I just think it's a little bit expensive, even the costume one. I don't have money for that. Would you like to give me a costume jewelry? Give me! Haha I'm just joking.

As you can see, I put my lip balm in the pocket. I don't know what to say with this holder. I can put anything to it. Well, not anything though haha. Oh, just some tips: Don't hang a heavy jewelry. It can fall, unless you put a really heavy rocks inside the can. If you only use some ordinary beads, like I did, it will fall if you hang a heavy jewelry. It will be messy, because the beads will go everywhere. I have experienced this before hehe.

So, what do you think with this project? Leave me your comment below. You can always contact me at if you want. You can keep in touch with my projects with google friend connect. If you are not in blogger, you can check me at google+ or pinterest. I don't have facebook or twitter for this blog, but if you want you can tell me. I would love to be your friend :D.


  1. WOW! What a wonderful tree-like jewelry holder!! I will try and make this, Boncch! (like I said a million times before on your previous tutorials).

    Thanks for fulfilling my request, Boncch! Btw, I recognize that fabric... is that the same one as the bow belt? I'm awesome!

    1. Yeah, you have many projects waiting for you to try. They hunt you forever until you finish it hohoho.

      You're welcome ruf! You can always give me a request if you want *hug*.
      It is the same fabric, wow you're awesome!

  2. Hahaha, benar, setip itu penghapus, Bone! Jarang dipakai yah istilahnya di Jakarta? Di Medan lebih sering terdengar "Minjem setip donk!" daripada "Minjem penghapus!" :D Senang lihat hasil akhirnya, benar-benar recycling project! Serba guna pula :D

    1. Iya rasanya memang familiar dengan kata setip, tapi jarang dengar jadi bingung itu apa ya rasanya pernah tau haha. Waaah senang banget kalau Onel senang dengan hasilnya (maaf prosesnya berantakan hehe). Saya terharu *sniff* :')


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