Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY - Cut Out Sleeve T-Shirt Refashion

Girlfriend Indonesia April 2013

I saw this cut-out hands on Girlfriend Indonesia magazine. I immediately yell for "DIYYYY!". Oh so much "Y". Anyway, I really want to make this, but actually I don't know if I will wear it. But I'm curious. Why not to do an experiment, Bon? Yes, I have that orange t-shirt which I never wear after an event. 

When in high school, I have to buy this t-shirt for an event. This orange looks dull on me. I don't hate orange, but I don't know why this colour is not appealing on this t-shirt. So, why not use it for my experiment? Orange and cut-out are in trends now. It strengthened my will to experiment. Let's get started.

First, If you have a large boxy t-shirt which you want to resize, come to this tutorial. It's really helpful. If your t-shirt is already fit, go to the instructions below.

1. Make and mark square pattern on the sleeve. I suggest you to mark it with pencil, or better with a non washable marker, like fabric chalk.
2. Cut the squares one by one. I know it looks tiring. But, if you want it, do it. Actually, it doesn't take so long to cut all the squares. Maybe you can dancing while cutting, but be careful not to cut the wrong line.
3. Cut the neckline. You can hem it if you want the neckline looks neater. But it's okay not to hem it, because t-shirt doesn't fray.

The reason I added a bow was accidental. I love bow, and it just popped on my head that I should add a bow on the front. I used the scraps from resizing this t-shirt. I didn't take a picture of making it, sorry :(. Because the point is the cut-out sleeve, and not all of you will resize the t-shirt first, and you don't have the scrap fabrics. This idea was not in the plan, really. The idea is, make a bow, make two straps, sew the straps first, sew the bow, and then I decided to sew some beads. If you doesn't have a clue to make a bow, this tutorial is really great.

And yei you have it now! Personally, this isn't my style (except the bow). I don't know where to wear it haha. Maybe to the beach? But really, I'm not a beach type girl. I rarely go to the beach. But I still don't like this colour on me, it doesn't work on me. Maybe I will wear it with cardigan hahaha. So why did you make this, Bon? Sometimes, I don't know the reason I make something. At least this experiment has been done, and I'm not curious again.

Will you wear this type of outfit? Don't be afraid to share your thoughts in the comment box bellow, I won't bite you. I swear.

Thank you for taking your time reading this experiment. Hehe.


  1. Boncch! How can you turn such pathetic school event T-shirt into something so amazing?!
    It looks good on you, Boncch! Wear it everywhere!

    By the way, I won't wear that kind of t-shirt HAHAHA I'm so cool, Boncch

    1. No, I won't hahaha. The awkward thing is when my grandma told me that I look good on that orange tee. Can you believe that? My grandma! But I will wear it with an outerwear hohoho. I know you won't wear it too haha. We have almost the same style <3.

  2. What a great idea! And I think it turned out really good as well :)

    1. Thank you so much Niina! I'm really glad that you think it's good :D

  3. I love it and am going to make me one too or try try try ;) thank you so much!

    1. You are welcome! Hope you enjoy making it :D

  4. huaaa, this is the best DIY. from t-shirt to 15 bucks :''''')

    1. hmmm lo bener-bener muji atau.. cuma iseng aja? peace :)


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