Monday, June 24, 2013

DIY - Transform Old School Belt into Cute Bow Belt

Yeeei finally Holidaaay! Actually it has been one week of holiday. Yeeeei! I'm just too happy. Okay. So my mind usually wander about many things before I sleep such as what happen in the day, what I want to happen in the future, idea, etc etc many things! It's just mixed and run into my head, even when I don't want to think about it. It's like daydreaming. Is it really daydreaming? Cause I never know what daydreaming is. But I almost do it everyday. Purposely or not. Sometimes it is annoying. I can sleep late because of that.

Oh, why do I talk about that? Well, back to the topic. So one night when I was daydreaming (I think it's the right name), my highschool belt came into my mind. It's still good, but I can't wear it because of the school symbol. So an idea came... (hooraaaay) to refashion that belt. In the morning, I was relieved that I found the belt, and so happy to find a pretty scrap fabric from my grandmother's scrap fabric collection (is grandma really collect that? nevermind).

Wow. It's a long writing, I'm sorry if you exhausted to read that unnecessary story hehe. Now I want to share this DIY with you.

You will need: (1) old school belt like mine, (2) pretty scrap fabric, (3) glue gun, (4) and of course scissor.

Prepare for the bow:
(1) Cut 8,5 in x 12 in of fabric.
(2, 3) Fold it in almost 1/3 lengthwise.
(4) Fold it to the center.
(5, 6) Fold it again a little further away from the center, so it overlap with the fourth step. Then glue it.
(7, 8, 9) Glue the center point and then fold in half. It should looks like number 9, looks like you pinch it in the center.
(10, 11, 12) Then we want to make the strap that usually in the center of the bow. Cut 11 in x 5 in of fabric. Fold it like in step 2 and 3. Fold it again in half. Glue it.

Attach to the belt:
(13) Glue the center of the belt buckle.
(14) Stick the bow from step 9 to the buckle. 
(15, 16, 17) Pinch in the middle like in the image number 15, glue it. It should looks like number 17.
(18, 19, 20) Now put the strap to the bow by wrapping around the strap to the center of the bow. Cut any excess of the strap. Glue it to secure. Don't forget, you can not wrap the fastener, if you do, you can't open the belt after wearing it. So, be cautious.

And ta-daaaa! Now you can wear your old school belt!

Pardon of my narcissism *tee-hee*. Please don't laugh haha (I laughed for myself).Thank you so much for reading or maybe just passing by. What do you think of this DIY? or maybe you want to discuss about daydreaming with me, let me know.


  1. Waaah finally a new post! *dances like a duck*

    I've always hated our schoolbelt! I wanna try this one out! (I'm always saying this, but never end up doing it xD)

    Those pictures of you in a dress are really cute, Boncch! *saves it to my computer like always* And that new profile picture too! *saves that one as well* Hooray!

  2. Yeeeah finally I make a new post *dances like a cow*

    Me too ruf! You have to try this! At least you get the inspiration to transform that school belt, and you have to try it! When I come to play with you, I will force you to do this huahahaha , i'm just kidding.

    So, you have been collecting my pictures all this time?! -______- (oh ya ruf, that blue dress is not a dress, is a blue skirt for clannad, it looks unfinished actually)


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