Thursday, May 30, 2013

Event - Ennichisai 2013 Day 1

I went to Japan Expo called Ennichisai on May, 25 2013. Japan culture is one of my interests, especially cosplay. So, I thought I might share it.

I went there with my friends who studying in the same campus with me. My two friends and I wore Vampire Knight blazer, pretended that we were Day Class students of Cross Academy. Though I'm the only girl, I have fun. Below is the photos of the event. There are just a few cosplayers that were taken with my camera. So, I'm sorry, actually I don't have many photos because I wasn't there for long. But here they are.

The atmosphere and the shows

The cosplayers. I don't know the origin of all of these characters, except the pikachu girl. If you know, tell me.

And here we are... (just four, should be more than this).

I know I'm chubby x_x. Thanks for all of these photos that were taken by my friends Adhink, Emir, and Unggul.

Oh yeah, I'm going to face the final test for this semester and I won't write a post until I'm completely free. I'm sorry I haven't made a post for a long time, I have so many works to do *sob*. Ooohhh I hope these are going to be over soon, so I can crafting again and do fun things again! Wish me luck and can do the test well.


  1. CHUBBY!! D:<
    Chubby Girls United!!

    I think the female cosplayer from the first pic is Xiao Yu from Tekken, Boncch!

    1. Oohh I see.. That's why it seems familiar. Thanks for the info Ruf!


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