Monday, March 18, 2013

D.I.Y - Redesign Old Pins

I found some old pins in my bedroom and I don't like the images in those pins. I rarely use pins like this, so I thought about redesign it and reuse it. You know, you can use these pins for your necklace pendant. And I wanna do that! Let's see what we need...

We'll need:
1. Pins
2. White Spraypaint
3. Paints (I use acrylic and poster paints)
4. Don't forget paint brush.
5. Glitter
6. PVA Glue
7. Pencil to sketch
8. Glue gun (I forgot to include this on the picture)

Okay Let's Staaaaaartoooo!

First, I spray paint all of the pins with white spraypaint for the base. Let it dry. Then I want to show you 2 designs that I've made.

Just paint it: Sketch on the pin. Paint it with the paints of any colour you like! Use your imaginations for the design. It's up to you. Then let the paint dry.

Add some bling-bling: After spray the pin with white spraypaint, I spray it again with silver spraypaint.  Then paint a heart on that pin. After the paint has dried, spread some glue on the heart. Put the pin on paper, then pour glitter to the heart. Knock knock (knock knock?) the pin to throw the excess. Press that glitter gently with your finger. It helps the glitter to stick to the pin, then let it dry. Next, mix a little amount of pva glue and water. After that, coat the glitter with that glue liquid to make sure the glitter do not flake easily. Let it dry completely.

After all of the pins have dried, I glue a string/chain on the back of the pins with glue gun. I forgot to mention you that you can just insert the chain on the back of the pins, but you must match your design on the front of the pin with location of the back. So when you wear it, it is not skewed or upside down. But, I forgot about it, and just glue it with hot glue gun, it works!

And.. there you have it. I made another one with leopard and girl silhouette design and added ribbon on the back of that pin. I really love it. It's my favorite pin necklace! It's like saying "I'm a wild girl" hahaha. No. I'm not that girl. Sorry if I didn't show you how I made that leopard pin, because it has the same method. Just paint it.

What do you think? Hope you enjoy my post! 

Use your creativity and do it yourself!




  1. Damn it, girl! Stop being so creative!!

    1. Hahaha you're funny as always. Jangan terpaksa membaca blogku raf. Tapi kalo lo seneng, gue juga seneng yeay!

    2. Gue demen banget Boncch dari dulu baca-baca blog & nonton DIY. Bookmark gue kebanyakan ginian, jadi pas banget tiba-tiba lo bikin hahaha!

  2. Time to gather my old pins. Never knew that those can be much useful. Thanks for the tutorial pictures.

    My site - contemporary artists

    1. You're welcome, and thank you for your comment :)


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