Tuesday, January 13, 2015

DIY - Bendable Fabric Bracelet / Hair Accessories

DIY - Bendable Fabric Bracelet / Hair Accessories

DIY - Bendable Fabric Bracelet / Hair Accessories

Hey Everyone! Sure, it's a long time! (again..). Happy new year!! It's never late to say it, isn't it? Hehe. This is my first post on 2015. Yeaaaaaay!!!!

On this post, I want to show how I made this cute bendable fabric bracelet or hair accessories. It looks like an usamimi headband, right? You got it! I took an inspiration from that headband. I thought, why don't we make a mini version of it and wear it as a bracelet or hair tie accessories. So, I made it.

Follow me through the end to find out how I made it. My pattern is included in this post too. Let's start to have fun!! :D

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Droplets Of Love

Why is there such a thing called love?
What is the purpose of love?
When do love come?
Do you realize when it comes?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween DIY - Simple Maid Costume

It's time for Halloween!! Yeaaaay!! Wow, ten days again. Wuh wuh! For this Halloween season, I tried to make a costume. Just for fun, of course. Even though I hope I can attend a Halloween party just once.. meh. Okay.. It's hard to decide a cute costume yet simple for me to make that I can finish in a short time. But then I realize, I have a desire to try to be a maid. Japanese maid alike. I think this is a simple version of Japanese maid costume. This tutorial include the apron, the shirt, headband, and also wristbands. Sewing require for the apron, tee-hee.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

DIY - Plushie Pencil Case

DIY Plushie Pencil Case

*Knock knock*. Hello everyone! How have your school days been so far? Hopefully you had a wonderful time in school! :D ..... What? You easily get bored in class? Hmm.. what about bring a cute little friend to accompany you in class? He can cheer you up. Besides, your teacher won't mad at you if you bring him. Because he will also organize your school supplies! How cool is that? Hahaha! Wait.. no! I didn't refer "he" as your cute boyfriend, neighbor, brother, or any cute guy that you find randomly. No no no. I'm going to show you my cute little friend in this DIY post, as an inspiration. Tee-hee.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Event - AFA ID 2014 day 2

Huuuh Haaaah Huuuh Haaah. Emm.. eee..e.. excuse me. I.. I know it has been (one two three) hmm seven months (I guess) since my last post. Please forgive me >_<. This holiday has been taken with an internship, and it makes me feel that I haven't been in a creative mode. Logic everywhere..

In the middle of it, I really really want to post DIY again. I tried. But when I got to take some DIY photos, the result didn't satisfy me. Where is my creative side?? Hmm it's time to learn not to judge myself so hard, again. Wish me DIY again. No, push me! Hehe.

Back to the title. This year, I came to visit AFA ID again. If you don't know, AFA ID is Anime Festival Asia in Indonesia. It is one of the biggest Japanese pop culture event, that I know in Indonesia. My bestfriend Raffee and I cosplayed as Ib and Mary from a game called Ib.

Ib game is a horror game. Actually, I'm scared by something horror. But I think Ib game is not that scary (except for lady in red, I hate her). I never played the game though. I only watched someone played it from beginning to the end. And it has such a nice story and more than one endings. I love it. I cosplayed as Mary, one of the devil that actually not that evil, just.. lonely. Raffee cosplayed as Ib, the main character who is trapped in the creepy gallery. I have this costume since last year, but never wore it in an event before, so I decided to wear it in AFA this year.

Same as last year, we did not watch the stage show! We were too late to enter. Blame the traffic jam! Haha I'm kidding. I can't blame anything. Because I think I'm also wrong, I miscalculated the time. Sigh.. But let's just enjoy the exhibition! XD

AFA ID 2014 exhibition atmosphere

Crowded is one word that I can explain for AFA ID. It's hard to take a photo there >_<.

AFA ID 2014 marumaruichi takoyaki stand

Aaaaa takoyakiiii! Actually, photos that I took mostly are food stands. I can't explain why. But I decided to show only takoyaki stand hahahaha. Tako tako :3

One of the stage inside the exhibition territory. What was on that stage? I couldn't see *_*.

Sword Art Online booth. It has such a long long line up to the back of the booth. Wooh!

AFA ID 2014 exhibition

In the afternoon.. Ahhh.. finally I can breath normally..

I met many cosplayers. These are some (two) photos of them. Still get a hard time to ask another cosplayer for a photo. Raffee always help me, hehe.

Asuna cosplay at AFA ID 2014
Asuna and her cute friend :3

Syaoran cosplay at AFA iD 2014
I think.. Syaoran with his cute girlfriend (I'm sorry if I'm wrong >_<).

And then...

Selfie time: Me - Raffee - Uncle Ridho
Bahahaha! Well, even though it's blurry, I love this photo. In the front is Uncle Ridho (uhuk, just kidding), our best friend.

Like always, can't get enough of narcissism. We took some photos, when we got back in Raffee's room. Raffee's camera... I love you <3. Edited by Raffee.

Ib and Mary cosplay

Ib and Mary cosplay

Ib and Mary cosplay
I really love this one.

Finally, say "hi" to my friend, Blue Doll.

Handmade Blue Doll (Ib game)
Isn't he so cute? I made him.
He said, "Bye!"