Sunday, February 2, 2014

DIY - Crepe Paper Flower for Room Decoration

DIY - Crepe Paper Flower for Room Decoration

Yeei another DIY! This time I choose to make something for room decoration. I have planned to make this for so long. Fiuh, finally made it. I'm so happy yeei. This idea was inspired by a wall decor at one Forever 21 in my city. I think they use artificial pink rose, it's so beautiful.

I want to use dark pink crepe paper, but I have searched it everywhere I know that may sell it. Can't found it. *Hiks*. No worries, I found a beautiful light purple crepe paper. It must be complimenting my room wall color. Perfect. Now, let's grab the supplies and start the mess!

- Crepe paper
- Silver wrapping paper
- Scissors
- Staple
- Glue Gun
- Cardboard paper, or any thick sturdy paper (I use old calendar paper).
- Paper glue
- Mounting tape

I forgot to include the bottom two into the photo ><

1. Cut a square from the crepe paper. Aprox. 4x4 inches. Cut many, until you run out of crepe paper ;). The trick to do faster is to stack the crepe paper, fold it and then cut.
2. Then, grab 5 pieces of the square and stack them.
3. Fold them in half.
4. Cut a half flower shape.
5. Undo the fold and staple in the middle. I staple it twice.
6. Next, grab the topmost piece, and pinch it until it looks like a flower petal. Do this for all of the pieces, one by one.
7. It should looks like in the last picture above. Make many. I made 36 of these plus some in smaller size.

8. Now, move into the lettering part. Draw your letters in your thick paper for any phrase that you want.
9. Cut them.
10. After that, glue the front of the letters to the back of silver paper. So, it looks inverted. The idea is to cover the front of the letters with silver paper.
11. Cut it again, and you can see that the letters now are silver.

12. We're not done yet. Now, position your paper flowers above a cardboard or thick paper. Position the letters too, just so you know where the edge is.
13. Glue every flowers to the cardboard paper. Don't glue the letters, now. We'll do it later.
14. After you glue all the flowers, you will see a gap among flowers. Cover it with smaller flower. But, If you run out of paper, just pinch the leftover papers to make something that kind of looks like petals. Yeah, I know it's not. (Nobody will know).
15. Then fill in any gap until it's all covered. You should see something like in the above picture.
16. Then, glue the letters above the flowers. Press it, do not worry about the flowers. They still look good. Just don't press to hard.
17. Lastly, cut the excess cardboard paper.

And you're done! Yeeei! *Dance*.

DIY - Crepe Paper Flower for Room Decoration

You can place it on the wall by mount it with a mounting tape. Or make a strap and then hang it on the nail.

DIY - Crepe Paper Flower for Room Decoration

Now, you can relax and enjoy your wall!

Wait a minute...

Look around. You're not done with the mess. Scrap papers everywhere. Haha. You should clean it first.

Now, you can relax and enjoy your wall!

Well, I love how it turned out. I wish I can made it bigger. Not enough crepe paper. But, it still lovely! I think it is also great for valentine decor if you want. Even though, I'm not a valentine person.

So, we made it until the end, and I want to ask you the same question in post after post. Haha. What do you think about this DIY? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section. I love love love reading your comments. Thank you for stopping by, better if you read it. Hehe. I will see you in the next post!



Thursday, January 16, 2014

DIY - Half Lace Sleeve Shirt (Button Up Shirt Refashion)

Hooraaay another DIY!! This orange button up shirt that I have has some holes on the right sleeve. I don't know how the holes was there. My friend saw it first and then told me. *Gasp* I was still in campus and still had some classes to call it done. So, I just cover it with my hair hahaha. But it wasn't that easy. I guess the holes came from my backpack (What?). Sorry my backpack. It's only an assumption, after all.

That is too bad. Because I like wearing shirt in campus. I can't let this shirt goes to another journey. I have to fix it! Yeah! Sadly, mend it only seems not a good way. You can see that I mend it, obviously. Luckily, japan fashion trends always give me many cute ideas. Now, with lace yeeei! I have been obsessed with lace. (I know, I'm obsessed with so many things, don't judge me). You can use this idea to refashion your button up shirt too! Let's see what I did with this shirt.

- Button up shirt
- Lace
- Needle and matching thread
- Scissors
- Sewing pins
- Fabric glue (optional)

- On the first picture, I just want to show you the holes hahahaha.
- First step, mend the holes with a basic whip stitch. I did this just to close the holes. The stitch doesn't have to be neat, it will be covered with lace anyway.
- Then grab the sleeve part. Fold it so the middle is straight with the shoulder line. Place the lace on top of the sleeve.
- Cut the unnecessary lace on the shoulder part and the wrist part, but give some centimeters for seam allowance. If you want a raw edge of lace, you don't need seam allowance.
- Fold the seam allowance to the inside, and pin it. Then, I use a little bit of fabric glue to hold the lace in place, especially the middle part. If you don't have a fabric glue, use more sewing pins. After that, sew all along the edge. Hand sew it. You can't use a sewing machine for this.
- Finally, sew laces too on the corner of your shirt collar.

Note: Sew the lace on the sleeve is not easy. I had to make sure that the sleeve fabric didn't stitched to each other. Is it make sense? I don't know how to describe it. I felt pain when I sewed it. But it is WORTH IT! If you want it, try it :)

Taa-daa! I really, really, really, love it! Haha. You can style it with a ribbon to make a bow. Isn't it so cute?
I'm freaking love it. (Excuse the selfie). How about you? Do you like this project? Don't hesitate to leave me a comment on the box bellow. Thank you so much for reading this random blog. I hope you get inspired by this blog. I will see you on the next post!



Friday, January 10, 2014

DIY - Bottle Tassel Necklace (Contact Lens Bottle Recycle)

I have worn a contact lenses once or twice for cosplaying. Contact lenses came with a bottle for each lens. I have two pair of this, so I have four bottles. I personally love this bottle. It just looks so mini and cute like a little message bottle that I could find on the beach (?). So, I keep them. I didn't know what would I do to them. I thought I could make something from them. Yeah, I love collecting junks which are potentially good for DIY-ing. Haha.

One day, I have been thought of a bottle necklace by internet. I think it's so cute. But I don't have a bottle like that. Then, I remember that I have those little bottle from my contact lenses. Perfect! So, I design some pendants that can be made from this tiny little bottle. I made one, and I will tell you how I made it in this post. Yeay!

- Contact lens bottle (important!)
- Chain
- Beads
- Wire
- Pliers
- Jump rings
- Clasp
- Spacer
- Glue gun (essential)
- Scissors
- Glue, that dry clear (ex. pva glue, school glue, etc.) and a brush (for glue application)

How I made:
- First thing first, clean the bottle.
- Then we go to the wire working. Calm and calm, it needs patient. First, use a round nose pliers to bend the tip of wire to a little loop.
- After that, use the bottle as a guide and bend the wire following the bottle body from the bottom of the bottle. Just use you finger to bend it.
- Next, curl the wire again to a loop, and then wrap it around the bottle neck three times or as you want.
- Curl it again to make loop. Then, bend it following the bottle body again to the point where we start.
- Cross the wire under the other wire and make a loop again. Then cut the wire.

The result is look like the above picture. We move to the tassel making.

- Cut wire with the length similar to the length of bottle. Curl one tip to a loop with pliers. Then, cut a chain to the length as your desire for the tassel. Connect the wire and chain. I simply open one end link of chain with pliers. Put the wire loop, and close the chain link again. You can use a jump ring too for this step. Repeat this step. I made 5 of this.
- For the beads, first we make the wire loop again. Insert a bead to the wire. Bend the wire again to a loop for closing the bead. Make many of this. I said, many.
- Then, connect the beads to the chain that we made before. Use jump rings or 'open the link' method like I told in the step before. The design is up to you, just place it randomly.
- Gather all of the chain. I used spacer just to make it more nice.

- After that, heat a glue gun. Then, pour much glue gun inside the bottle. While the glue is still hot, stick the gathered wire of the tassel that we made to it. Hold it until the glue is dry.
- When the glue is finally dry, you can stop here or decorate the bottle. The dried hot glue looks like candle, isn't it? Haha
- I chose to decorate it with glitter. Don't judge me. Hoho. To glitter it, brush a white/pva glue the bottle. Pour the glitter to it. Wait until it's dry. After it's dry, make a solution of white glue and some drops of water. Coat the glittered bottle with this solution to seal the glitter.
- And, your pendant is finish yeay! To make a necklace, you can attach a chain with jump ring to the loop on the bottle. You can use it for a key chain or something else to decorate.

Wooohooo! I still have three bottles left. Maybe, I will show another design for you. Do you have contact lens bottles that just stuck on your room and don't know what to do with them? What do you think about this idea? Leave me a comment below. I love reading your comment. Thanks for reading this blog. I hope this blog inspire you. I will see you on next DIY!



Thursday, January 2, 2014

DIY - Sweet Ribbon Cardigan

I have this sweater (picture below) that too tight for me. When I wore this, I see my belly. You know, it's a girl thing. I thought I should cut it and make it into a cardigan. Instead a normal cardigan, I want to make an abnormal cardigan. Well, not really. Haha. I want to give it a simple details. Whether you see it 'too much' or not, I still want to add ribbons on it.

It's really easy to make. You just need a sweater, 6 ribbons (the length is up to you, mine is approx. 45 cm), scissors, and don't forget needle and threads or sewing machine for sewing.

This is the steps:
1. Fold your sweater in half, lengthwise, in the front side.
2. Cut the middle of front side with scissors. Be careful, don't cut the back side.
3. Fold the cut edges about 1 cm to the back, then sew. This is a basic hem. Actually, this step isn't necessary. But I suggest you to do it, so it looks neat.
4. After that, sew the ribbons. It's up to you where you want your ribbons to be sewn. But make sure they're mirrored for both side.

Tips: Before you sew the ribbons, use a fray check to prevent the ribbon edge from fraying. Or you can use a lighter on the edge, but don't burn it. You can fold the ribbon edge twice and sew it, this is called a rolled hem.

Yeaay finish! Isn't it easy? I love the way it looks. You can tie it however you want. Thanks for reading my blog. I really really appreciate you. I hope you get inspired by my DIY. If you have an idea for next post, don't hesitate to email me, comment below, or whatever social media you choose to talk to me. See you on next post! Don't forget to leave your comment about what you think of this DIY ;).



Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bye Bye 2013, Holla 2014!

I'm baaaaaaack!! It's great to see you all again. Yeah you. I can see you!

I apologize for being hibernated from this blog. College life has taken me into its lair. My brain had to work with it for several months. It's crazy. Overly crazy.

But, there were times in college that made me smile and so happy. I think my friends are the best gift in this year, especially this semester. They made me strong and knew that I'm not alone. I think our bonds became stronger. Now, I realize that I should cherish them. I used to hate my college. But now, I realize that I should enjoy my college life no matter what. I learned so many things, not just academic, but life lessons too.

And here... I finally have my holiday! Wooooh yeay! Oh it taste so good. I can roll and roll again on my bed.


Oh yeah, of course I will do diys for you! I miss it so much. I can't wait to do it and share it with you.

For 2014, I hope I can be more mature than now. From the inside, not the outside. Hihi X).

So, let's celebrate and be grateful for this year (no matter what)! Don't forget to pray for 2014 too!
Imagine your best day for the future!

Let's do some fun!

Happy new year everybody!

Extra peace and cheese,